Asbestos Water Tank Removal Kent

If you need an asbestos water tank removal in Kent, Surrey, Sussex or Essex, ask us for a no-hassle quote here at SPS Environmental, and let us dispose of hazardous materials on your behalf. Removing an asbestos water tank from a loft space or other area of your home doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think, not when you have one of the leading asbestos contractors working hand-in-hand with you. 

We are here to support you at every single stage here at SPS, with extensive experience at removing asbestos from domestic properties, we have the knowledge required to safely dispose of asbestos in water tanks.   

It doesn’t matter how old your water tank is, or what condition it is in, we can provide a secure and efficient service that carefully removes the tank and makes your home safe, with the minimal amount of disruption to you.  

Have your asbestos water tank removed safely 

Although you might be tempted to remove your asbestos water tank on your own this should be avoided at all costs. Removing a tank could lead to damage and the spread of asbestos cement dust. This type of action should only be completed by an experienced asbestos contractor like us here at SPS Environmental. We carefully remove all dangerous materials and dispose of them safely afterward, at an approved waste disposal site.

All of our removal services are designed to minimise disruption on your site, we provide you with a swift, safe solution and the best asbestos water tank removal cost. Get in touch and we can offer you:

  • A speedy solution and expert advice
    Fast removal and disposal of asbestos water tanks
    Site work completed with the minimal disruption to you

If you need to remove an asbestos tank, contact us  

Find out more and see how we can help you remove a water tank containing asbestos materials here at SPS Environmental.  We can provide you with a FREE online quote or you can call us and speak to us in person on 01233 696978.