Commercial Asbestos Disposal Services in Kent

If you have concerns about commercial asbestos disposals in Kent call us here at SPS Environmental for a prompt and reliable service on 01233 695978. We have many years of experience as a commercial asbestos disposal company offering services to businesses in Ashford, Kent and throughout Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

Knowing you have asbestos in your building is one thing. Safely removing it and disposing of asbestos materials in commercial buildings can be worrying, unless you have our expert help! We offer a professional and safe solution providing a speedy and efficient asbestos disposal service that keeps you and your property safe.

Our team of expert asbestos disposal contractors in Kent specialise in removing and disposing of asbestos materials from all areas in commercial buildings including wall and floor tiles, pipes and lagging, or Artex ceilings that might contain hazardous materials.

For the Safe Disposal of Asbestos call 01233 695978

Don’t worry about removing asbestos materials from your commercial property, just leave everything in our expert hands here at SPS Environmental and we can do this for you. The safe disposal of materials is our specialty and we remove and dispose of it to eliminate the risk to you.

All of our waste disposal services conform to the latest regulations and we complete them under environment agency guidelines. As reputable and professional asbestos disposal contractors in Kent, we take our responsibility seriously and you will be provided with official documentation to show the asbestos has been disposed of in a correct way.

Reasons to choose us for asbestos disposals in Kent:

  • We work quickly and efficiently
    We minimise disruption to you
    We remove and dispose of materials safely
    All asbestos waste is disposed of according to environment agency guidelines
    You receive official documentation afterward       

Contact the asbestos disposal experts

For the safest asbestos removal and disposal service with results guaranteed, get in touch with the friendly team at SPS Environmental Ltd and take comfort knowing your asbestos has been disposed of safely by a British Occupational Hygiene Society qualified asbestos contractor.  

You can find out more about our asbestos disposal services by calling us on 01233 695978 or don’t hesitate to email us at