High-Quality Asbestos Testing in Ashford, Kent

Contact us here at SPS Environmental Ltd for high-quality, value for money commercial asbestos testing throughout Ashford, Kent and the UK. We are one of the leading asbestos removal companies with unrivalled experience in the provision of asbestos management, testing and asbestos abatement, serving a diverse client sector.

Why you need our services

Commercial buildings constructed prior to 2000 run a higher risk of containing asbestos materials and you could be held responsible for the control of these materials. If you are a building owner in charge of the maintenance, upkeep and general repair of a commercial property you have a duty of care under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, and this is where we help.

What we can offer you

We can offer you swift affordable solutions covering all aspects of commercial asbestos testing and deliver the best advice should you require a safe asbestos removal.

The surveys our expert team of asbestos surveyors perform are designed to be completed with the minimum amount of disruption to your business, helping you to comply with the law whilst keeping you safe, your employees safe, and your working environment safe at all times.

Areas of commercial expertise include: 

Office Space - Asbestos Testing in Ashford, Kent             

Commercial Asbestos Testing for Businesses In Sussex, Surrey and Essex

Should we find any traces of asbestos during our survey we can formulate a full management plan for you and establish where the duty of care lies, who the duty holder is, and who is responsible for the health and safety of the building. 

We make sure the problem is dealt with professionally and quickly, providing you with a flow chart that clearly shows the chain of events, all details, and the timescales involved.

All you have to do is speak to us to discuss the testing or removal of asbestos within your building and get in touch for more details.    

Contact us for Commercial Asbestos Removal and Disposal

Here at SPS Environmental, we are highly skilled in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos, making us a one-stop solution for any business that requires an asbestos problem dealing with efficiently.  Thanks to our many years’ of experience, we carry out all work to the highest standards, and always adhere to all current legislation and regulations, whilst lowering the asbestos testing cost.        

Should you require a thorough and detailed asbestos survey, or want an asbestos removal to take place within your commercial property, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote request, or simply call us on 01233 695978.


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